The right carpet in the right place

We often see indoor carpet outside in order to improve moisture retention but often near zero efficiency. The fibers within the carpets are not made to absorb large amounts of water. As carpet stacks do not improve the liquid absorption.

Zone 1 Traiter les salissures les plus grossières

Située généralement à l’entrée de votre bâtiment, à l’extérieur, la zone 1 est essentielle pour traiter les impuretés véhiculées par votre environnement immédiat. Les tapis présents dans cette zone assurent un décollement par frottement grâce à des revêtements dédiés. Qu’il s’agisse de grattoirs en aluminium, de revêtements anti-dérapant, de bandes vinyles ou d’une combinaison de plusieurs revêtements, nous disposons de la solution pour vos contraintes.
Nos tapis dédiés à l’éxtérieur résistent aux intempéries, aux variations de température, ainsi qu’aux agressions extérieures.

Zone 3 Soigner les zones d’échanges et noeud de trafic

Les poussières présententes naturellement dans l’air ne laissent que rarement l’opportunité d’apprécier un bâtiment propre. Afin d’éliminer ces micro-poussières, la zone 3 est une des plus statégiques à traiter. En disposant vos tapis dans des passages spécifiques ou des zones à fort trafic - hall d’accueil, open-space… - vous limitez le transport des poussières intérieures tout en répondant à des besoins spécifiques de votre bâtiment. Les brins torsadés de nos tapis zone 3 sont étudiés pour retenir les poussières les plus fines et le surplus d’humidité. Leur structure à mémoire de forme offre un confort d’accueil et un moelleux incomparable.

Zone 2 Conserver des sols propres dés l’entrée

Habituellement située à l’intérieur, en regard du tapis extérieur, la zone 2 a pour vocation la capture des poussières et de l’humidité résiduelle. Afin d’éviter la formation de phénomènes dangereux ou désagrables pour vos visiteurs (eau stagnante, textiles mal-odorants…), nos revêtements et nos tapis dediés à la zone 2 vous garantissent une absorption rapide de l’humidité et une rétention optimale des poussières. La composition de nos textiles offre une très grande resistance à abrasion et aux frottements. Leur densité permet de retenir de retenir les poussières tout en laissant l’humidité s’échapper via le flux naturel de l’air.

At least 2 linear meters to be effective

When they enter a building or a store, users tend to walk rather than wipe their feet and to be truly effective a visitor must be at least 2 steps on the mat to absorb impurities and the liquid. The reasonable length of one curtain is then situated around 2 linear meters.

Know your audience

Users of welcome mats are not just visitors. Consider all types of traffic, particularly heavy loads. Forklifts, trans-pallets, maintenance vehicles, all vehicles threaten the profiles of your carpet. Also, it is important to choose a carpet that will accept the passage of any hearings. You can also choose easily rollable or carpet was to be released in order to move the heaviest loads.

clearly identify the direction of passage

That installs a welcome mat or that the renewed to choose we must first identify the direction of passage. Depending on the environment, traffic, installation and carpets locations, the effectiveness of walking home is often very variable. A carpet in the right direction, it is an effective carpet.

Put carpet inside and outside

The zoning principle is to create a course to wipe and absorb all dirt. By placing one or more rugs outside to treat larger impurities and reserving or interior mats to absorb moisture and dry the shoes, it is easy to create routes at peak efficiency.

Choosing the right coating

The choice of coating is essential to ensure the effectiveness of its welcome mat. Depending on the application zone of the belt, it is important to choose a coating in accordance with its environment. Outside, we choose non-slip coatings or brush to remove coarse dirt. Inside or outside covered, textile coatings or combinations of rubber and fabric used to remove fine dirt and prolongs the action of the external coating. Finally, textile mat will complete the action of the previous zones retaining the wet dirt.

Textile intérieur

Textile imputrescible, grattant et séchant


Textile imputrescible, grattant et séchant


Textile imputrescible, grattant et séchant


Textile imputrescible, grattant et séchant

Aluminium rainuré

Textile imputrescible, grattant et séchant


Textile imputrescible, grattant et séchant

Good dimensions

It is usual to put a frame for recessed installation, dice the creation of reservation and the laying of the first carpet. This is the main source of errors in the calculation of the dimensions of your carpet. Sometimes it is tedious to resume the coasts of all reservations and often tempting to refer to the flat sides. However, reservations are never accurate and you must deduct part, we advise you to take sides and diagonals reservations or to make a statement to the laser.

dimensions rugs

sealed frame


outer frame



Reduce cleaning costs

Cleaning costs of institutions surfaces can be mitigated by the use of the zoning principle. The pits used to store dirt and facilitate maintenance. Installed carpet will be rolled up or arranged in modules to facilitate maintenance operations.

Optimize the capture of dirt

Open mats are extremely effective for capturing dirt. They are ideal in environments subject to dust and weather. carpet rails are perforated to capture dirt in contact with the scraping surface and bring them quickly into the pit. So make sure you have a sufficiently large pit height or shorten your pit maintenance cycles if you opt for openwork mat.

The visual contrast as signage

Long, the use of strong contrasts to alert and inform users about their immediate environment. Applied to the carpet, this rule improves the wiping time and the cleanliness of your establishment. A visible and recognizable carpet more easily invite users to consider your carpet and it wipe their feet.

To comply with standards for disabled

The welcome mat, for compliance, must submit a hard surface so as not to impede the progress of chairs and strollers. So are aluminum rail carpets safe and ideal answer to this problem because their structure gives them rigidity and resistance to rolling loads. When free, adding a ramp is required to facilitate the movement of people with reduced mobility (PRM).

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